CCSD Superintendent says 'nothing is off the table to keep schools safe'

CCSD school superintendent Jesus Jara speaking to parents/staff @ Rancho High about raising the bar of education.

A nine-year-old student was found with a handgun at Helen Marie Smith Elementary School near Buffalo and Alta on Wednesday. It marks the eighth time a student has brought a weapon to school this school year.

Superintendent Jesus Jara said there are things he’s implementing right away to keep kids’ safe. Other organizations are also hoping to lead the conversation and spark change like 10,000 Kids.

Pastor Troy Martinez is hosting a town hall forum on Thursday evening at the Las Vegas City Hall Chambers from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. featuring Darrel Scott. His daughter was killed at Columbine High School.

Pastor Martinez said he wants the community involved to come up with solutions to gun violence at schools. The event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Jara told a group of parents Wednesday evening at Rancho High School, “We need more adults on campus to keep our kids safe.”

The CCSD Superintendent said everything is on the table when it comes to keeping kids safe. “Anytime there’s a gun on campus, I’m concerned,” he said.

Jara answered tough questions just hours after a nine-year-old was discovered with a .22 caliber handgun at Helen Marie Smith Elementary.

“It’s very concerning as a parent,” said Kayla Trevino. Her daughter attends the school. She said, “What inspired the child to bring that gun here? What were his motives when he got here?”

“It’s something that we have to address immediately," said Pastor Martinez. “I think the biggest fear is that we become desensitized where we’re willing to accept one child dying at school and that’s ok because it was not a mass shooting.”

Jara said there are security measures he plans to implement right away, but wouldn’t elaborate on what exactly those plans are, only telling parents he will rely on the experts and that metal detectors and backpack checks could be part of the solution.

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