CCSD working on a plan to tighten campus security

The Clark County School District is looking at how to implement recommendations to improve school security. (KSNV)

The Clark County School District on Tuesday, Dec. 4, released a list of new ideas to better protect students.

"So far we've had 11 guns confiscated on campus and we had 13 for the whole year last year, so we knew we had an increasing problem we needed to address," said Kirsten Searer, spokesperson for CCSD.

A safety advisory council made of police officers, community members and CCSD staff evaluated the district’s safety measure and then released a list of recommendations.

Superintendent Jesus Jara then decided which suggestions to move forward with right away.

"More school police officers, having lanyards that students would wear. So, we’re looking at a variety of tactics," Searer said.

Steven Richardson has four children who attend CCSD schools. He purchased bulletproof backpacks for all of them and said they would wear them until metal detectors are put in place.

"It's definitely a step in the right direction," said Richardson.

In the committee’s recommendation, they also suggested walk-through metal detectors at schools, but that's not one of Jara's main focuses right now.

"Dr. Jara did implement a random weapons search with handheld metal detectors that we have been engaging in for at least a few weeks now. In terms of actual walk through metal detectors, when you look at national safety studies, that's not one of the recommended uses of facility funds," Searer said.

Jara is, however, considering adding eight K-9 units trained to detect firearms.

Richardson says he believes walk-through metal detectors would make schools more secure, and he says the school district has the resources to get it done.

"The funds are there. The resources are there. It's just how we are going to use these resources to protect the kids, not just this school year but years and years to come," he said.

School officials will discuss the recommendations in their board meeting Wednesday, Dec. 5.

They say once they figure out which suggestions to move forward with, they'd like to see them put into place within six months to one year.

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