Stars pay tribute to Tony Sacca: ‘He was show business! It was in his heart!’

Tony Sacca was honored in a star-studded tribute Monday at the Stratosphere Casino & Hotel.

Hundreds of people packed a showroom for a memorial to remember the performer.

The Las Vegas icon, who had an entertainment career that spanned three decades, died Jan. 30 at 65.

"He lived and breathed entertainment, Las Vegas entertainment," explained magician Lance Burton.

"He was show business. It was in his heart!" said entertainer Siegfried Fischbacher.

"When he hit the stage, people thought, ‘Oh, Sacca!’ And then he'd go out there and blow people away," noted long-time friend Ron Garrett.

Sacca grew up on the stage and commanded it. His last production was "Vegas the Story." He took the stage every afternoon at Bally's Hotel & Casino.

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Roseann Callara followed Sacca's career for 16 years.

"When you would go to his shows, he would come down afterward and he would see everybody and he would just be loving and kind," Callara said.

The one-time local talk show host and performer made even the biggest stars in show business feel special.

"When you first met him, you'd think, ‘What is this guy?’ It's like one of the guys from my old neighborhood here," said Garrett.

"Then he would capture you and then you'd hear him singing and you would say to yourself, you know what, this man is underrated!"

Sacca hosted the popular San Gennaro Food Festival and received a lifetime achievement award from the White House in 2015.

He was a show business legend who drew Las Vegas into his embrace and provided entertainment that made its mark on the entertainment capital of the world.

"He didn't headline a main room in his whole life," said Garrett. "He headlined the city."

In lieu of flowers, Sacca's widow and partner of 12 years, Josette Leblond, as well as family members have requested donations for the Youth Foundation for the Performing Arts.

The money goes toward scholarships for students studying the musical and performing arts and has helped Denise Clemente's students in her Rising Stars program.

Checks can be mailed to the Vegas Media office at 5430 Sandpiper Lane, Las Vegas, NV, 89146.

For more information, visit Sacca's website.

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