CES: Cars that communicate with each other could save lives

If all cars could communicate with each other wirelessly, 80 percent of traffic collisions could be prevented. That's the claim being made by Savari, a California-based company showing off new technology at CES.

In a live demonstration on News 3 Today the company showed how it works. A Savari-equipped vehicle was to recognize a person crossing dangerously into the path of a moving vehicle, and alert the driver. In an autonomous vehicle, the computer could receive the information from the Savari electronics, according to the company.

The technology works communicating with other similarly equipped autos. The company envisions a day when it will also be embedded in mobile devices, like cell phones.

In the live demonstration with a person crossing the street, the Savari-equipped auto didn't see-and-detect a person, it communicated with their mobile phone and alerted the driver.

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