CES workshop and job fair focuses on diversity, inclusiveness


    At CES, you will find all things futuristic from many of the world's top companies.

    As these companies advance their products, industry analysts encourage other advancements, including those that take place within the corporate culture.

    "It's broadening your audience, and it's also creating messaging that's more inclusive to people's realities so that the sense of humor or the cultural references aren't always through one lens," said Kat Gordon, founder of The 3% Movement.

    A workshop and job fair presented by Media Village, a thought-leadership network this week focusing on advancing diversity, diversity within hiring practices, but also marketing.

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    "We've really opened up, not just to invite young people with aspirations to be in the tech community, but to be in advertising media and marketing with a particular focus on diversity,” said Media Village Founder Jack Myers.

    Company leaders were invited to take part in thought-provoking exercises, which challenged them to think outside their comfort zone and explore what they call "otherness".

    The job fair included hiring-staff from various high profile companies, including Google, Facebook and News 3 parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group.

    Among the guest speakers was Ricardo Marques, vice president of Marketing for Budweiser, who said, "I'm very excited to see that not only do we have higher levels of engagement within our team, but also we're doing a better job of representing our drinker, our audience, within our brand programs."

    Many here believe the jobs of the future will result from audience demand, a broadened audience that encompasses many cultures, age groups and ethnicities.

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