Chilling home burglary: Teen comes home while two thieves steal from family


Chilling home videos shows two intruders walking through a bedroom during a brazen burglary.

The pair broke into a home near Cheyenne and Torrey Pines on the northwest side of Las Vegas.

The homeowners say the crooks stole electronics, jewelry, and cash.

The suspects got in through an unlocked bedroom window. Police say that’s a common mistake.

The homeowners did not want to reveal their faces or names because the suspects are still on the run.

“They're not looking for a camera. They're looking for our stuff. They don't even know they've looked into a camera,” said the homeowner. “I don't feel like they were here to hurt anybody. You do feel violated,” she continued.

The thieves took whatever they could fit into bags. In one video, you can see the crooks taking whatever they could fit into bags.

But they’ve also got their eyes on the front door and windows that look out onto the front yard.

“Boy, they sure are on the lookout. They don't want to be caught.,” said the homeowner.

Joanna Duran lives nearby and said she feels uneasy knowing the crime happened in the middle of the day.

“It's scary. I have three children and it's way too close to home. Now, I'm going to have to get an alarm system on my home, you know?” said Joanna Duran.

The burglary lasted less than 6 minutes before the crooks got word someone was home.

“Someone must've texted them and said, hey someone is coming and you see they go and look at the front door and there's my son coming,” said the homeowner.

“You count 1, 2, 3 and there's our son walking in the door,” she continued.

That was enough to scare the suspects away and frighten the homeowner who once thought her family was safe in their own home.

“My gut is wrenched every time I see it because who knows what could've happened,” she said.

If you recognize the suspects, call CrimeStoppers at 702-385-5555.

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