Chilling security video shows neighborhood dive bar robbed at gunpoint

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Chilling security video shows a man robbing a neighborhood dive bar while holding a shotgun in the firing position.

Police are still hunting for the man who held up a bartender Tuesday night near Spring Mountain and Rainbow.

In video given exclusively to News 3, you can see the suspect sitting at the bar playing video poker.

Dave Roberg says the man sat there for about two hours. He didn’t look suspicious.

“He came out a minute later, with a shotgun,” said Roberg, who works at the bar.

In the security video, you can see the suspect holding up a shotgun. The bartender hits the floor. Then, the suspect points the gun at a customer.

Seconds later, the suspect is yelling. Roberg says the man wanted cash.

Then, the bartender gets up and rushes over to the cash register. She grabs cash and stuffs it into her purse.

The suspect grabs the purse and runs out the front door.

“It's very frightening. She will re-live this in her head for a long time,” noted Roberg.

The suspect got away with about $600 and is still on the loose.

“If you are put in a situation where it's a robbery and someone has a gun pointed at you, you have to remember your goal is to survive the situation,” said Officer Larry Hadfield with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

“Give that person the money. Give them your watch, jewelry, whatever the case is. They are just things. Your life is not replaceable,” Hadfield said.

“Most criminals are not there to shoot someone. They're there to gain property so they can earn money somewhere else, or just take cash from someone."

According to Hadfield, your attention to detail is crucial.

“We don’t want someone to go running down the street after somebody who has a gun. We would much prefer a license plate. That would benefit the police investigation and further put you out of harm’s way," he said.

“Try to remember the details of that individual, whether they are tall, thin, light or dark, eye color, anything specific. In this day in age, a lot of people have tattoos and they are very specific to individuals and could be something that breaks the case."

In this case, employees of the bar hope someone will recognize the suspect before he hits again.

“He might come back, you know? You never know. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else,” said Roberg.

If you recognize the suspect in the video, call CrimeStoppers at (702) 385-5555. You can remain anonymous.

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