Clark County approves ban on feeding wild pigeons

This Spring Valley neighborhood has a pigeon problem. The cause? They say a neighbor won't stop feeding the birds. The fix: a new law. (Craig Fiegener | KSNV)

Clark County unanimously approved a new ban on feeding wild pigeons.

Many residents say pigeon feeding has fueled a big problem, not only in local neighborhoods but in parks, as well. County officials deemed the pigeon problem as both a nuisance and a health hazard.

Health officials say a single pigeon can produce up to 25 pounds of droppings in a single year. That not only poses a health risk, but county officials say it also damages property.

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“I just think it’s a health issue. I don’t want all that pigeon poop in my neighborhood. I surely don’t want it on my home,” said resident Vicki Mahanna Campbell.

Meanwhile, some folks like Richard Conklin disagree with the new ordinance banning pigeon-feeding.

“Pigeons need to eat too. I understand the damage but this is a park, it's grass, so I don't see what kind of damage they can be doing to a park,” said Conklin, as he stood outside the West Flamingo Park.

The county said if you’re caught feeding wild pigeons you could face a fine up to $1,000 and six months in jail.

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