Clark County Commissioners discussing possibly halting new marijuana businesses

New marijuana businesses in Clark County could be put to a halt.

County commissioners are discussing the possibility of requiring recreational pot businesses to serve medical patients.

The problem is the state is not accepting licenses for new medical dispensaries.

Clark County commissioners are once again discussing marijuana.

Now on the agenda: a possible policy requiring recreational pot dispensaries to sell medical marijuana.

Dispensary owners say the move could lead to a moratorium on new cannabis retail businesses.

Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager said, "I do believe we need the brakes on. We need to make sure we monitor it properly."

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Brager is pushing for the new requirement. She says expansion controls could be necessary depending on how current pot sales are impacting our community.

"The black market has gotten worse. We need to make sure we don't move any quicker than we already have. I'd like to see a standstill", said Brager.

Marijuana industry members say any restriction on new marijuana recreational businesses is unfair.

They're in the business to sell weed and make cash.

"What that does is it's a major huge disservice not only to cannabis patients but to cannabis consumers because with more competition the price of cannabis come down", said cannabis consultant Jason Sturtsman.

Currently, Nevada isn’t accepting license application for new medical dispensaries.

Sturtsman says business people looking to get retail licenses could head to friendlier locations if forced to sell medical marijuana.

"They lose out on existing money coming in from those dispensaries. All the money is going elsewhere," said Sturtsman.

Still, Brager says restriction protects everyone's interest.

"I'm not against the medical at all. It's not a matter of being against something for doing it right," states Brager.

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