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56,900 ballots collected on Election Day, county to hold daily press conferences

Clark County officials provide update on mail-in ballot counting process (KSNV)
Clark County officials provide update on mail-in ballot counting process (KSNV)
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Officials with the Clark County Registrar of Voters are giving an update on their ongoing mail-in ballot process following election day.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Joe Gloria told the media that they still have a "considerable amount" of mail-in ballots to count in Clark County that were dropped off on Election Day.

Gloria says an estimated 14,718 ballots will be counted Wednesday, with more than 12,000 being picked up by the United States Postal Service as well on Tuesday. It remains unknown how many mail-in ballots will come into the department over the next few days.

"We don't know what we're going to receive through the mail," Gloria said. "And so, we know what our statutory deadlines are as far as when we have to have them in. So we know by Tuesday, statutorily, we have to have everything read through the mail."

According to the county, about 56,900 ballots were dropped off at drop boxes across the county on Election Day but were not counted Tuesday night.

"We had two police officers who spent the night with the drop boxes that came in," Gloria said. "So we didn't have the time last night. We were totally focused on receiving and continuing to keep people on the hotlines until the end when voters were done voting."

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There are still about 5,500 provisional ballots that officials need to count. Provisional ballots mean there are some questions about the person's eligibility to register to vote, and that must be figured out before the vote can technically count.

"So we've got staff that are fully focused on getting those process from now until we report to the Secretary of State," Gloria said. "We have to make sure that those voters were eligible to be registered. Once we confirm that information, then we mark that as a ballot that we can count. Those are electronic. Those are not mail ballots."

Provisional ballots will come in next Tuesday at the earliest, according to Gloria, and Wednesday at the latest.

Gloria said nearly 10,000 mail-in ballots were put in the "cure" process. That's when officials need to verify the signature of the voter. Roughly 5,400 have not been cured as of Wednesday afternoon.

Gloria said the number of ballots in the cure process will likely rise as more mail-in ballots come into the department. The curing process runs through Monday, November 14. Anyone who received a notification can dial 702-455-6552 in order to get assistance to cure their ballot.

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The county plans to hold daily press conferences with number updates until all ballots are processed.

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