UPDATE: 164 rescued Pomeranians almost ready for adoption

The rescued Pomeranians have been groomed and released from their legal hold and will soon be available for adoption. (Animal Foundation)

UPDATE ON DEC. 14: The dogs will soon be available for adoption and an update is expected on Friday. Surgeries for some of the Pomeranians began on Wednesday since grooming took so long -- sometimes as much as two hours per dog. There are still some Pomeranians waiting to be groomed as of this time.

UPDATE ON Dec. 7: The dogs have now been released from legal hold and will soon be available for adoption.

The Animal Foundation has released a statement:

Thank you for your continued interested in the rescued Pomeranians. These dogs have been released from their legal hold and will soon be available for adoption. Due to the large number of dogs and the time required to prepare them for adoption, this requires careful planning to ensure a smooth process for finding them loving homes. We appreciate your patience and ask that you watch our website and social media channels for an adoption update in the very near future. Please also note that the dogs are not yet available for viewing.

Be sure to bookmark The Animal Foundation's website to keep up with adoption updates.

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) - 164 Pomeranians that were rescued last week are now getting cleaned up, groomed and ready to be adopted.

The dogs have also had medical check-ups but they are still on a legal hold.

When they were found in Sandy Valley, they didn't have food, water or ventilation.

LVMPD detectives have the name of the breeder, but as of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests had been made and no charges had been filed.

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LVMPD will continue investigating the case, along with Clark County Animal Control and San Bernardino authorities.

No word has been given on when they will be going to forever homes.

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