Commissioner 'Chris G' announces candidacy for governor

Chris G, officially throwing her hat in the ring in the race for Governor of Nevada. 10/18/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

Having served as both a State Assemblyperson and County Commissioner, Chris Guinchigliani is no stranger to campaigns.

The popular Nevada Democrat now says she wants to be governor and believes she can attract enough voters, regardless of party, to win.

"But what I heard as I was on this tour from every person, regardless of party, is they want a Nevadan that works for everyone, and not just a privileged few," said Guinchigliani speaking to a crowd of supporters outside Las Vegas Academy. "I want non-partisan, I want libertarian, I want this to be a family of building a community statewide," she continued.

Her toughest challenge may come from someone who she sees and works with every week, fellow County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak.

"Steve's a friend,” she said. “I respect him. My husband ran his campaign to get on the county commission."

Sisolak, who is currently Commission Chairman, has been in the news a lot lately. Following the Strip shooting, he developed the Victim's Relief Fund that quickly grew to over 10-million-dollars.

On the issue of the Raiders Stadium, Sisolak was in favor, Guinchigliani opposed, on the basis the money to build it should not come from taxpayers.

One of Guinchigliani's supporters is a man she's been at odds with in the past, UMC’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Dale Carrison.

"I think she's a leader, and as she said today in her speech, the common thing that she always has is solving problems for the state of Nevada," said Carrison.

Guinchigliani says she'll run this campaign as she has all others, with grassroots efforts, going door to door.

WATCH: Chris Giunchigliani makes major announcement

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