Community learns how to 'Stop the Bleed' in recognition of One October

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The Clark County Medical Society held a ‘Stop the Bleed’ training Monday in recognition of One October.

Savannah Spataro is a first-year medical student who knows that tragedy can strike at any moment. She also knows the care that comes immediately after from first responders, doctors and the community.

It's what many saw in the immediate aftermath of One October -- bystanders turning into live savers.

“These kinds of skills are very important for an average person,” Spataro said.

How to apply a tourniquet, compress a wound to stop the bleeding are skills Dr. Deborah Kuhls says anyone should know.

“You can be just doing something normal in life and all of a sudden something happens,” Dr. Kuhls said.

She says so far more than 7,000 people have been trained in Clark County and another 6,000 through UMC since One October.

Dr. Kuhls says it’s important for people to first ensure whatever situation they're in, they're safe.

Then apply what she calls the ABC’s of bleeding:

A-Alert someone by calling 9-1-1

B- Find the bleeding injury

C- Compress, apply pressure to stop the bleeding

“This is a great example of how we all need to work together to solve some of society's issues,” Dr. Kuhl’s said.

It's basic skills that anyone can learn to save someone's life.

“This is easy to do, anyone can do it,” Spataro said.

To schedule a training session call 702-207-8310 or email

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