Worker killed in scaffolding collapse at Tivoli Village described as "family man"

A worker is dead following an incident at Tivoli Village on Rampart near Alta. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue is on the scene. 8/22/16 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

News 3 has confirmed the identity of a construction worker who fell to his death at the Tivoli Village project on the Northwest side of town.

A family member says 28-year-old Ricardo Bautista fell to his death when a scaffold collapsed approximately 20-feet above the ground. Bautista was described as a family man with three children. He was also described as a workaholic.

According to Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, when firefighters arrived on the scene, they found the worker on the ground.

The accident occurred just before 2 p.m. Monday afternoon at 302 S. Rampart Blvd.

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue tweeted that at the time of the accident, three workers were on the scaffold when it collapsed.

One worker News 3 spoke with said he witnessed the horrible accident. He said two of the workers were able to jump to safety as the scaffolding slowly collapsed. The third worker, said the witness, was trapped beneath.

The witness said that all three workers were also wearing protective harnesses when the accident occurred.

"I see the scaffolding tip over and it slowly collapsed. Somebody fell off the scaffolding," said Andrew Valenzuela, a fellow worker. "It slowly tilted over and then it slowly collapsed. It took like ten minutes."

Valenzuela says one by one, the scaffolds fell on the worker. He says he feels for the family of the construction worker who lost his life.

"Devastating, man, something like that to happen," said Valenzuela. "Family lose their father."

Tivoli Village Management released the following statement about the accident:

"We are incredibly shocked and saddened by today’s tragic construction incident. On behalf of our partners and construction team, we express our heartfelt condolences. Out of respect for the victim and those investigating, all construction activity on the site has ceased and will only continue when it is deemed safe to do so. Safety and security are our top priorities for all of those who work, shop and visit Tivoli Village. To that end, we are cooperating with Metro, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, OSHA and all other necessary parties to ensure the proper investigation and continued safety protocol as this project moves forward.”

The second phase of Tivoli Village has been under expansion for the past two years. This is the first deadly accident according to workers on site.

When completed it will include a new parking garage, as well as more restaurant and retail space. For now, the project has stalled until OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration can complete its investigation. That could take several weeks.

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