Convicted Las Vegas pimp accepts plea deal, may get out of prison sooner

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A convicted Las Vegas pimp gets a second chance after a prostitute claims she was forced to exaggerate her story.

Outside of court, Lynette Harrison shared her feelings about the plea deal her son, Ocean Fleming, accepted Monday morning.

"It is a good deal and better than what they had done," said Lynette Harrison, mother of Las Vegas pimp Ocean Fleming. "They painted him as a monster when that is not the case."

Back in 2012, Fleming was convicted on 23 counts of kidnapping and beating up prostitutes. He was looking for a new trial up until Monday morning.

That is when the convicted Las Vegas pimp took a plea deal -- pleading guilty to three counts of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

Back then, Fleming was looking at a life sentence with the eligibility for parole in 2025. Now, Fleming may be eligible for parole since he has already served seven years in prison.

"His first eligibility of parole there was not even a date," said Janiece Marshal, Fleming’s Attorney.

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Marshall was ready to represent him in a new trial. Everything changed for her client after a key witness changed her story.

One of the prostitutes who put Fleming behind bars says one of the lead LVMPD vice officers pressured her to exaggerate that Fleming strangled her. She even says the now former officer had sexual relations with her.

Court documents even show the officer was having a relationship with the deputy district attorney, Liz Mercer, who was on the case at the time. Harrison says her son was not given a fair shot.

"I am angry and I cannot wait for the day that they are all handcuffed and led to a federal prison with real criminals," said Harrison.

Marshall says her client has a right to a fair judicial process.

"The constitution not only gives you the right to due process and puts the burden on the state to show a reasonable doubt that has someone committed those crimes so it ensures someone is sentenced fairly,” said Marshall.

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