Copperfield Trial: Defense shows videos of plaintiff walking with no assistance


A new twist in the ongoing legal battle over a David Copperfield illusion came out in court Thursday.

Attorneys for MGM and Copperfield revealed videos showing the plaintiff, Gavin Cox, walking without help. Cox, for the past two months, has come into court needing assistance.

Defense attorneys for MGM, David Copperfield and Backstage Employment have attacked Cox’s credibility.

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MGM attorney Jerry Popovich told the jury Cox was here for a payoff and a big green box.

Copperfield’s attorney, Elaine Fresch, said Copperfield was not negligent concerning the fall that happened in 2013 during the 13 Illusion.

Lee Roberts with Backstage Employment called Cox a liar and a fake.

Roberts argued Cox acts like he needs help in court but outside he acts totally different, and that he is fine and able to walk freely.

"It is an insertion of fact to deceive doing it to get sympathy out of view his conduct is changed,” he says.

The Copperfield trail will resume with the plaintiff's rebuttal Friday at 9 a.m.

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