County leaders to discuss installing safety posts on the Las Vegas Strip

County leaders to discuss installing safety posts on the Las Vegas Strip. 6/05/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

On Tuesday, Clark County leaders will introduce adding steel bollards (posts) along specified areas of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak first introduced the idea a few weeks back after a man plowed into a crowd at Times Square in New York killing one person and injuring more than twenty others.

Tragedies have occurred in Las Vegas as well. In 2005, a driver slammed into a crowd in front of Bally's killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others. A similar event occurred in December of 2015 when a driver smashed into a group of pedestrians near Planet Hollywood. One person died as a result.

Sisolak says some type of barrier is needed at several areas of the Las Vegas Strip. He says he and Sheriff Joe Lombardi have already done research and discussed which areas need it most.

The steel bollards idea is not set in stone, said Sisolak and the public are encouraged to offer up other suggestions.

If the county decides to go with the steel bollards, Sisolak says it could cost about $2 million dollars; money that would come from hotel and gas tax.

Tuesday's meeting will take place at the Clark County Government Center, beginning at 9 a.m.

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