Iconic Blue Angel statue set for removal from Fremont Street, but will one day return


Those who have driven down Fremont Street just west of Eastern Avenue may have noticed the statue of an angel towering over what is now just a vacant lot. The Blue Angel statue was built as part of the Blue Angel Motel in the mid-50s. The motel was torn down in 2015, but the statue was left standing.

She was the creation of legendary Las Vegas sign designer Betty Willis, who was most famous for the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. For those coming from Boulder Highway, the statue has been the gateway to downtown for as long as most people remember. The angel faces different directions at times, because she is on a swivel and will move with the wind.

But today, workers have arrived to remove the angel from its longtime roost.

Neon Museum Director (and one time Channel-3 reporter in the early 80's) Rob McCoy commented on Facebook:

The City will store the angel until it's time to be restored. Then, it will be placed back on Fremont street near its original location. There is no timeframe for the restoration, but the family that owns it recognizes its historical significance and has taken the necessary steps to make sure it is saved and at some point placed back into public view. The Neon Museum is fully supportive of this effort.
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