Crime spree in Sun City Summerlin has homeowners on alert

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    Home break-ins and attempted robberies at gunpoint. They're happening in the laid-back retirement community of Sun City Summerlin.

    Homeowners are struggling to cope with the new wave of crime as they look for ways to stay one step ahead of the crooks.

    The scariest incident happened earlier this month at Highland Falls Golf Course.

    Neighbors say a man was in his golf cart on his way to go play when someone tried to rob him at gunpoint.

    The robber wanted the golfer's wallet and shot at him.

    Luckily, the golfer was able to get away but it certainly has everyone in the neighborhood talking.

    Joe O'Connell is on the Sun City Board of Directors.

    "I know how easy it is to try and hit old people," said Joe O'Connell.

    O'Connell is a former cop who knows a thing or two about bad guys.

    Except now the criminals are too close to home.

    They are targeting the place O'Connell decided to retire.

    "The 15 years I've been here there's been no armed robberies," explained O'Connell.

    Over the past month, there have been two attempted robberies at gunpoint, three home break-ins and two break-ins and the community computer lab.

    Neighbors say the crooks took off with 12 computers. It will cost more than $11,000 to replace them.

    "I'm afraid to hardly open my garage door or you know leave a door open for a few minutes. Someone might come in," said Helen Davey.

    "We definitely need to beef up security and we need to come together," noted Terry Brown.

    Homeowners know they're eyed as targets by criminals that prey on retirees.

    Debbie Sonneman said she was told to stay indoors once the sun goes down.

    "I've got a stun gun right now," said Debbie Sonneman.

    Sonneman said she will soon be armed with a real gun.

    "I decided to investigate taking a class over at Discount Firearms," she said. "They found me a gun and I'm going to go for my concealed carry permit," she continued.

    O'Connell said the community is considering other safety measures to protect homeowners.

    "I personally propose we get some cameras at entrances and exits to our community," he explained.

    But some say even that wouldn't be enough.

    "We've just felt safe, but we don't anymore," said Davey.

    Homeowners have been reminded to say something if they see something.

    Las Vegas Metro Police can't track crime if you don't report it.

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