Cruel Vegas Summer: You’re not a nice person when it’s hot outside

Cruel Vegas Summer: You’re not a nice person when it’s hot outside. 7/07/17 (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

When it’s hot outside, you become more of a hothead.

Drivers honk their horns more and violent crime increases when it’s hot outside.

People can be rude, cranky and whiny and we’ll have to deal with it through August.

Friday was the 13th day of making it to at least 110 degrees this summer.

Just before lunch time, we caught up with Margaret Rector standing in line outside the DMV office on Sahara.

“I’m staying cool. When you keep cold water on your neck, it keeps you cool,” said Margaret Rector. “I was worried my makeup was going to melt off over here,” she continued.

Here in Las Vegas, triple digit temperatures are a way of life.

But when it’s outside, we’re not nice people.

A new study in the European Journal of Social Psychology says uncomfortable, hot environments make people grumpy and less likely to help others in need.

“Increased physical temperature increases your emotional temperature as well,” said UNLV Psychology Professor Stephen Benning.

Benning says when it’s hot outside, your heart rate goes up and your blood pressure rises, making it much more difficult to control your behavior.

Violent crime and murder rates increase in hot weather.

Research shows there is even an increase in penalties on the football field when the mercury rises.

“When the Raiders come, for instance, there’s even a study that was suggesting there may be more penalties called when it’s hotter so when they come in September, they may have to watch out compared to when they’re playing in December,” noted Benning.

Your best bet is to sit near the air conditioner, relax and stay hydrated.

You can also take a cue from Dennis Oliver.

We met him at the splash pad at Sunset Park.

“It’s so hot, it should be illegal,” said Dennis Oliver.

Oliver was drenching his clothes in the water. He recommends everyone else do the same.

“The water is ice cold!” he said.

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