Cyber security a spotlight at Black Hat convention

A packed convention room listening to a Black Hat keynote speaker about the future of the internet (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

It's grown to become one of the premiere cyber security conventions around the world.

The Black Hat conference has the reputation as a hacker convention but for those attending it's really about protecting your information from the bad guys.

Keeping those bad guys away from your personal information is what people like Mike Milner do for a living.

He's chief technology officer for Immunio, a company that protects against attacks to applications.

"It's growing, it's on the rise and the only way we're going to stop it is by working together at conferences like this," Milner said.

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Although these crowds are mainly made up of cyber defenders, the latest tactics used by hackers are center stage.

"It's always good to have the hacker perspective, to understand what hackers are doing and they're attempting but really this is a conference about people trying to protect their companies and protect the internet at large," Milner said.

Cyber security expert Amanda Berlin says many companies are vulnerable to attacks and conferences like this one are helping shine light on serious security issues.

"There's a lot of corporations that are just starting their own security programs. They should have had one this entire time," Berlin said.

As time has passed Milner says hackers have been successful because of security oversights and the Black Hat convention is just one way to improve cyber security across the board.

"People are starting to realize that attackers have been outpacing defenders for a long time and I feel the industry is getting its collective act together and working together to stop it," Milner said.

Black Hat will run through Thursday and has grown tremendously as we hear more about data breaches to massive corporations.

The general manager of the convention says this year they expect to break the attendance record set last year.

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