David Frostick found guilty of murder in the death of his fiance

David Frostick has been waiting to go to trial for 7 years. 7/25/2016 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

The jury found David Frostick guilty of the murder with a deadly weapon in the death of his fiance, Robin Jenkins.

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Frostick was charged with killing his 45-year-old fiance, back in May of 2009.

Jenkins moved to Las Vegas with hopes of making it as a singer.

Her family tells News 3, she would work as a server on the weekdays and work on her passion as a singer on the weekends. She lived with her fiance David Frostick and had broken up with him days before she was murdered.

Her father Victor remembers getting a phone call in 2009 from his panicked daughter. He listened as her daughter dropped the phone during a fight. It would be the last time he heard her voice.

“One of the last words of my daughter’s life to me before she was killed. I said what can I do? I knew she was in the room with my daughter's killer. I said ‘What can I do?’ and she said ‘Stay on the phone.’ That brought us to this day. I stayed on the phone and heard her be murdered.” Jenkins told us.

Frostick was arrested and seven long years later, his trial started to get underway after many delays.

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He called the day a “relief” but said it was not the end. “There are going to be many closures on this before I really am at peace with what occurred,” said Jenkins . “And I don’t know that peace will ever be achieved.”

David Frostick has a sentencing hearing on Thursday. He is facing life in prison without parole.

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