Deadline to file for taxes is approaching


The deadline to file taxes is April 17, and tax preparers say if people miss that deadline, they could be looking at a hefty penalty fee.

Anna Chavira is the office manager at H&R block on Civic Center Drive in Las Vegas. She says with tax deadline day just around the corner, last-minute filers are rushing in to file their taxes.

However, according to the IRS, several million people still need to file their taxes.

Chavira says often times people who are receiving a refund check file immediately, but the people who know they'll have to pay tend to wait until the last minute.

But Chavira says people shouldn't cut it that close, because often times when taxpayers come in, they aren't completely prepared and may need more time.

"We have a lot of clients, they're not ready, they're still missing documents," said Chavira.

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If you owe the IRS money and you miss the deadline, there's a penalty fee.

Chavira says if you owe the IRS, but aren't ready to pay that’s no need to procrastinate on the filing.

You can still file your taxes to avoid that fee and pay later or set up a payment plan.

Also, for people who itemize on their taxes, there are some changes this year under the new tax reform bill.

Click here to read more about those changes.

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