Deaf actress shares communication tips from DeafNation World Expo

The DeafNation World Expo begins Wednesday, July 6, 2016, at Paris Las Vegas. [Bradford Boyer | News3LV]

The DeafNation World Expo begins today at Paris Las Vegas. The event will bring thousands of people into Las Vegas this week and is free to those who register.

Actress Amanda McDonough, author of the upcoming book "Ready to Be Heard" and activist for the deaf community, shares some wonderful tips on how to appropriately communicate with those who are hard of hearing or who have lost their hearing altogether.

With thousands of deaf visitors attending the conference in Las Vegas this week, McDonough tackles stigmas and how to avoid uncomfortable situations for both parties.

Using a 5-point system, McDonough lays out easy ways to communicate with deaf people.

1.) Sign it: If you know sign language, great! If you don't how to sign, there are many free resources online to learn.

2.) Write it: From using a pen and pad to lipstick and the back of a gum wrapper, write down what you need to say and have your recipient read it.

3.) Text it: In this day-in-age, most people have cellphones and tablets readily available, type down what you want to say and start a face-to-face conversation that way.

4.) Show it: Point to a sign on a wall or pictures and text on a menu, find ways to use visuals to communicate.

5.) Interpret it: With Deaf Nation's expo in town, there will be many interpreters around town this week. Just remember, if you are using an interpreter to communicate, it is good etiquette to keep eye contact with the person you are speaking with, not the person you are interpreting through.

The DeafNation World Expo runs through Friday, July 8, though organizers say to see large groups of people signing on and around the strip by the hundreds through the weekend. Wave hello!

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