Delta flight delayed at McCarran when 2 venture off jetway onto tarmac

New McCarran International Airport control tower. (KSNV file)

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight o San Jose, Calif., were delayed Saturday morning because of two wayward passengers.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department K-9s swept the baggage for Delta flight 5684 and two men in their 40s were questioned by police officers and Transportation Security Administration agents, according to McCarran International Airport spokeswoman Melissa DeFrank.

"Two passengers went down the jetway and at the end of the jetway they went down the stairs to the tarmac" rather than onto the plane, DeFrank told News 3. "Police and TSA are questioning them and all of the bags are being screened by the dogs."

The Embrarer 175 aircraft was to depart McCarran at 11:05 a.m.

"The two men were told their bags would be checked at the gate and put on the plane and they somehow thought they had to go out and get their bags at the end of the jetway," DeFrank said after the situation was resolved. "It was just a misunderstanding and they had valid boarding passes so they were allowed to fly."

The plane took off for San Jose, Calif., more than 90 minutes behind schedule.


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