Demolition of building near UNLV to bring change to the area

Out with the old and in with the new. Former retail site suffered flooding issues and homeless.. now it will bring about change to the Maryland Pkwy area said the developer Frank Marrett.

Changes are coming to Maryland Parkway near UNLV.

A building once considered an eyesore by many, is now a construction site.

Campus Village is being demolished. Beginning Friday, the interior portion of the building was torn down and the remaining walls will then be taken down in chunks.

Twisted metal, shingles, and scraps are all that’s left of Campus Village.

The take down is part of a big build-up. It’s going vertical with office and retail space, a hotel and possibly even research space for UNLV.

“Right now, we have a wonderful university, but we don't have a wonderful area surrounding the university,” said Frank Marretti, the owner of G2 Capital Development.

This is the second project on Maryland Parkway for his company. They’re also working on a mixed-use space just south of Campus Village.

For him, it’s personal. He said, “My memories of the property are back into the early 90s, coming over here to study.”

However, the recognizable building was also known to neighbors for its issues with flooding and vagrancy.

Neighbor Sparkle Porter has lived nearby for 15 years. She said, “There was a lot of stores here that were convenient but that was a long time ago but everything needs to be torn down now.”

Another person said, “I think they need to kind of revamp the neighborhood down here and make it safer for everyone.”

That is Marretti’s goal. He said, “It's one of the highest traffic areas we have in town and it's a very old corridor.” He added, “Somebody had to take a chance.”

He said that could be a big change as they wait to find out what happens with light rail plans, but, said it’s all part of the future of change.

“I think in five years from now, it's going to be way better off than it is today," he said.

The new project is expected to break ground toward the end of 2019 and be fully complete in 2021.

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