Despite poor ranking in national study, Christmas spirit evident in Nevada

Despite poor ranking in national study, Christmas spirit evident in Nevada

It's to believe that Nevada was recently ranked near the bottom when it comes to Christmas Spirit.

The national study sponsored by Century Link looked at things like the number of holiday displays, most online Christmas-related searches, and charitable giving.

News 3 went in search of that so-called "lost" Christmas spirit and quickly stumbled on a Salvation Army sponsored toy and joy event.

"Every hour we are doing approximately 200 families," said Major Cheryl Kinnamon a Salvation Army Coordinator.

"It's a beautiful sight to see all the families here, and all the toys that they're passing out. It's beautiful," commented volunteer Cheryl Burch.

A warehouse full of toys donated by thousands in the valley. The Christmas spirit evident in every corner.

We also ran into a guy who claims to know a thing or two about the season.

Talk to me about the Christmas spirit here in Las Vegas.

Gerard: “Do you think it exists here in Las Vegas?”

Santa: “Oh yes, it always exists. The Christmas spirit is everywhere.”

Gerard: Even in Las Vegas?

Santa: “Even Las Vegas."

If anything, Southern Nevada should be awarded for its holiday uniqueness. We have things like Opportunity Village, a Christmas cactus garden, even ice skating on the strip.

Still not convinced? The big man himself says Christmas cheer is not at all unusual in the desert.

"I see it all the time!" Santa said.

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