Developer submits plans for changes at Bonnie Springs

    <p>Developer submits plans for changes at Bonnie Springs.{/p}

    Rumors have existed for years, that eventually Bonnie Springs Ranch, home of Southern Nevada's most popular petting zoo would redevelop or possibly even sell.

    In December, plans were submitted to Clark County that do in fact call for development.

    Among the documents is a map of the 63-acre property divided into 23 parcels.

    Lot 21, the largest parcel off Bonnie Springs Road, would be revamped.

    According to a letter from the property owner’s attorney, plans also call for an updated restaurant, motel and event barn for outdoor entertainment.

    News 3 spoke with Heather Fisher of Save Red Rock. She says at this point they are not concerned. However, they will be if there's a call for a zoning variance.

    "Red Rock Canyon must always remain rural. We must never give up the public lands that are here," said Fisher. "We must protect the few property rights that are here that are not trying to change to a higher density."

    There was no mention of a petting zoo. The matter is scheduled to be heard at a County Commission Planning Committee meeting on Feb. 19.

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