DNA links cold case murder of grandmother to possible suspect

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It was a terrible crime.

In 2005, a grandmother was violently attacked and killed inside her own home where she lived alone.

13 years later, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has named a prime suspect, thanks to new DNA technology.

Detectives need the public’s help finding Dorothy Sargent’s suspected killer.

Police say his name is Dino Marks.

The murder happened in a home on Isabelle Street, near N Eastern and Stewart Avenues.

It’s the home where Keith Sargent grew up.

Just days before his mother was killed, he talked his mom into moving to Maryland to be close to her grandchildren.

She said she would soon. However, it certainly wasn’t easy convincing her.

“I guess she just had so many memories. Her whole life with me and her husband were spent in that house,” said Keith Sargent.

At 84-years-old, Sargent was about to reunite with her grandchildren. But that never happened.

Ken Hefner is a cold case investigator with Metro Police.

“She’s in her house not bothering anybody and evil comes her way,” said Ken Hefner.

According to Hefner, Sargent’s body was found strangled and tied up in her home.

Police took DNA from the crime scene, but couldn’t find a match.

That recently changed thanks to a new, more advanced DNA kit that became available.

“It tests for more DNA in more spots,” explained Hefner.

“It improves our chance of building a stronger profile and in this case, our profile was increased enough that it could be entered in a national database,” he continued.

Hefner says a match came back right away, much to the surprise of Sargent’s son in Maryland.

“I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. It had been so long and to hear out of the blue they had a suspect just amazed me,” said Sargent.

The District Attorney’s office has issued an arrest warrant for Dino Marks.

Police say he’s a criminal with distinctive tattoos.

He has the statue of liberty and twin towers on his left arm.

He has a chili pepper and the word “Argentina” on his right arm.

“He may be dead for all we know. He hasn't had any law enforcement contact since 2010. However, that could be because perhaps he’s fallen into something where he’s not having to commit crimes every day,” explained Hefner.

“He must still be out there somewhere,” added Sargent.

Sargent admits he’s holding out hope on finding his mom’s killer, 13 years after her death.

“He didn't just take my mom's life. He took away the life of a loving grandmother,” said Sargent.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you have any tips that could help police find Marks, call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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