Dog that attacked and killed child near Desert Inn and Hollywood has been euthanized

9-year old Derion Stevenson was mauled Wednesday by a pitbull. His family speaks tonight. 8/18/16 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

Relatives tell us their 9-year-old son went to a friend's house to get candy -- and when the front door opened, the dog attacked. Witnesses say the dog bit Derion Stevenson right on the face.

Alikish Moore is the victim’s uncle.

"I'm seeing my nephew's face full of blood," said Moore.

It's an image Moore said he will never forget. Moore found his nephew laying in a pool of blood. Moore tells News 3 a Pitbull inside a home near Desert Inn and Hollywood mauled his nephew.

"His friends were like let's get some candy from my house. Went to get some candy. Next thing you know they opened the door. The dog just attacked my nephew," said Moore.

Animal Control officers say the Pitbull bit the third grader on the face and punctured the main artery in his neck. The boy was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Moore still can't believe the dog took his nephew's life.

"I never thought that it actually go and kill my nephew. I thought it was a little bite or something," he said.

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Moore tells News 3, the dog’s owner's wife held Derion in her arms until medics arrived.

"No I don't blame them because the people I did know they didn't expect that to happen," he said.

Animal Control officers ordered that the dog be euthanized Thursday morning. Metro police say the mauling is still under investigation -- and it's not clear if the dog’s owner will face charges. Why the dog attacked is unclear, but Moore thinks his nephew may have startled the dog.

"What triggered the dog was my nephew running," said Moore.

Moore says his life will never be the same without his nephew. He called him his mini-me and the two shared a room.

"Just to know I can't sleep with my nephew no more --like yeah at the time person always wanted his own room. What can you do I couldn't sleep last night," he said

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