'Dogilates': Exercise, socialize while bonding with your furry best friend

A one-of-a-kind class uniquely blending traditional Pilates while incorporatiing dogs to strengthen the core, stretch and relax. (Courtesy Barx Park)

Barx Parx, a local dog park for people and their dogs to hang out, drink brews and train, is offering a unique way for people to do Pilates while bonding with their pet.

Located at 8868 S. Eastern Avenue, Barx Parx’s ‘Dogilates’ incorporates your dog into the traditional mat exercises.

Dogs do not have to participate, but they must pass a pre-scheduled behavior assessment and be registered here in order to attend.

The class is $20 per dog and is hosted by Alli Creagh, owner and master trainer at Alley Fitness in the Las Vegas Arts District.

The next Dogilates class is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 16 at 8:00 a.m.

Visit the Barx Parx website for more details.

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