Meet Goldie: NHP’s new K9 with a nose for sniffing narcotics


They are furry with four legs and they help keep our state’s highways drug-free -- Nevada Highway Patol’s K-9 unit is growing by one.

Goldie is a two-year-old Labrador Retriever. She is Trooper Taylor Pendley’s new partner and she has a nose for narcotics.

“Her nose is strong. She smells what I can't smell,” explained Trooper Taylor Pendley.

Her job is to sniff out illegal drugs on our highways.

“Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, to name a few,” said Pendley.

Trooper Jason Buratczuk says Goldie can find drugs that would be difficult for humans to find.

“These are dogs are an invaluable tool to law enforcement,” said Trooper Jason Buratczuk.

Trooper Pendley showed us with a demonstration. He hid heroin inside an NHP car. “It’s in the back of the driver's seat,” he explained.

“As soon as we bring that dog out, she's gonna start running toward the car. She knows where she's gonna go and work at,” noted Buratczuk.

It took just seconds for Goldie to find the drugs.

She is the department’s 4th drug-sniffing K9.

“When she finds that odor or gets a whiff of it, it becomes almost her obsession to find where that odor is coming from,” explained Pendley.

Troopers say it’s exactly what they need out on the highway.

“She's my little buddy,” said Pendley.

A partner like Goldie can help them solve crimes with her nose.

“We talk to each other in the car,” said Pendley. “Well, I talk to her mostly.”

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