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Dream home crushed by crane: 'I don't think it's set in'

Dream home crushed by crane near Lamb and Oquendo
Dream home crushed by crane near Lamb and Oquendo
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LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - A homeowner got the surprise of his life Tuesday when a construction crane crashed into his home.

It happened near South Lamb Boulevard and East Oquendo Road in the southeast Las Vegas Valley. The crane smashed through the roof and left a gaping hole in a bedroom.

"A lot of emotion at this point. I don't think it's set in," said Mike Vogel.

There is a gaping hole in Vogel's home. His son's bedroom was turned into a pile of rubble.

"I'm thankful I wasn't in here or my dog or my wife or my kids. I'm glad no one was here," he continued.

When the crash occurred, Vogel said he thought a bomb had gone off.

"As I stood up, I actually felt like my legs had given out on me. It got jolted, like I was trying to fall to the ground," he said.

"All of a sudden I feel the pressure on my chest and stomach area. Then I really thought it was something physical."

Vogel is partially deaf.

"My dog, Shelby, stands up and gets next to me and she acted like there's somebody in the house," he said.

"I grabbed a weapon. I started walking through the house. I come around the corner. At this point I think there's someone in the house.

"I get about right here, and I see gray smoke coming through the house. Now I'm really confused."

Vogel noticed doors around his home were jammed shut. He opened up his front door and could not believe his eyes.

"I see a guy standing in the middle of my yard with blood on his face and limping," he said.

For the past three weeks, construction crews have been working on a sewer project outside his home. An 85-foot construction crane carrying 17 tons of steel had tipped over.

"I see all the tree branches. Everything had been broken off, and I see the boom laying inside the house," he said.

As Vogel looked around his son's bedroom Wednesday, a flood of memories rushed back.

"The devastation is in the dust," he said.

Vogel built the home in the 1980s for his growing family. His blood, sweat and tears went into the home.

"We'll get it back. You know, that's 35 years of saving for him. It's hard to see this," he said.
The devastation could not come at a worse time. Vogel's daughter is getting married in the backyard in November.

"We were making a joke saying we hope the road is done. And the guys out there say that knowing that, will put a push on it, and get it cleared up so you'll have a nice road for your daughter's wedding," he said.

Vogel said the repairs will most likely take three to six months. He will not know how bad the damage is until engineers come into his home.

Las Vegas Paving, which is in charge of the project, told Vogel the company will pay to fix everything.
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