Duffers be gone as Silverstone Golf Course sold, closed

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - The Silverstone Golf Course in the northwest portion of Las Vegas was sold and closed this week after previous owners struggled to make ends meet.

Regular golfers were turned away at the club house by posted signs and chain link fences at the golf course.

In a letter to its members, CEO Paul Jaramillo said that the course was sold after he struggled to make ends meet between declining membership and increasing operating costs. The letter said the golf course was sold to a buyer in Southern California -- who did not intend to keep the course open.

"That's what this whole community is built around - and now that it's going to be taken away, I don't know what's going to come of it," said Jeff Moore who planned on golfing at the Silverstone this weekend.

While residents fear the property might be leveled for a new housing development, Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross said that would be a "very steep hill to climb."

"These people moved to Silverstone with the expectation of having a golf course community and that's what they deserve - and that's what I'm going to protect," Ross said, adding that he has other concerns, including upkeep and maintenance of the landscape.

"Although rumors are flying, any change as major as converting a golf course into residential houses would require significant notice to nearby homeowners as well as opportunities for neighbors' and community input," Ross said.

News 3 also reached out to the new owner Ronald Richards to ask about the future of the golf course property. He sent News 3 a statement which reads:

"As you know, golf courses are closing across the country. They waste a lot of water and we are in a serious drought. This course was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and the prior owner could not sustain the heavy losses that went on, year after year. We purchased the property at land value and the course was closed by the prior owner at the time of the escrow closing," said Richards.

He adds, "I look forward to creating a use for the property that is environmentally sound and removes the cloud of liability that has afflicted this property for many years. I hope to work with my neighbors to come up with a new direction that doesn't require an operator to subsidize someone else's luxury golf game, at an unsustainable loss that does nothing for the community at large, and for all non-golfing residents and neighbors."

To read the complete letter CEO Paul Jaramillo wrote to the members, click on the attached document.

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