New E-Sports arena takes downtown Las Vegas by storm

A permanent Las Vegas venue for E-sports is open in what was a Neonopolis movie theater on Fremont Street.

The self-proclaimed arena is 15,000 square feet. On this, it’s debut weekend, it’s host to the Halo World Championship.

Halo is a video game franchise that pits aliens against robots. Gamers typically play it against each other while connected online. But the emergence of Las Vegas’s E-sports arena is part of a new trend that brings gamers together in person.

“People think, oh games are antisocial, and we don’t really go out,” says gamer Patrick Hogan.

Hogan insists the stereotype isn’t true. “All of us are gathered here for this one game to see each other and hang out.”

Hundreds of gamers will spend hundreds of dollars to compete is a weekend of qualifying games. “It’s like $200 total with a four person team, so it’s $50 a player,” says gamer Patrick Hogan.

Sunday the best of the Hero competitors will compete to share in a $50,000 prize.

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