Electric car lovers still confident in Nevada

Faraday Future deal “game over,” says State Treasurer. 11/30/16 (KSNV)

One day after Faraday Future pulled out of plans for a billion dollar factory in the North Las Vegas desert, there is optimism in the eyes of local electric enthusiasts.

“Potentially big,” Lloyd Reece said of the Faraday decision. “But not that big because it hadn’t happened yet.”

Reece is the president of the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association, a group of electric car owners and inventors who have successfully turned gas powered vehicles electric in home garages.

Their optimism isn’t shared by everyone in the car industry who have taken the Faraday news with mixed views.

Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher of Autotrader and Kelly Blue Book told the Associated Press in an interview, “You kind of don't know. Is this just an adjustment or is there going to be a freefall here?"

Alex Roy of was still confident in the industry but admitted to us losing the latest American made project was a blow, telling us on the phone, “It’s going to be southern states that dominate the future of automotive and especially autonomous vehicles and Nevada because it’s close to California is uniquely poised to take advantage of this.”

Nevada has committed to the electric industry in other ways.

Tesla built their Giga factory outside Reno, building the batteries for their Model 3. Tesla though has not yet turned a profit. The state has also built an “electric highway” loaded with superchargers for electric vehicles.

But for enthusiasts like Lloyd Reece proof that Nevada can be the home of electric innovation is in the past and in Recce’s garage.

Lloyd Reece has a 1982 Nissan Datsun, turned electric in the height of the gas crisis by one of the country’s first electric car companies. Lectra Motors called Las Vegas home.


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