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Employees walk off job after paychecks bounce

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Things got ugly between employees and the owner, of Bread Factory at Tivoli Village on Saturday.

The bakery-style restaurant has been open for less than a month and already employees say their first check bounced on July 5.

“I wasn’t the only one in the negative. Like the cook was negative $1,000, there was a baker negative $300. Like everyone was just reaching negatives because we had this money that we earned that just got bounced,” explained Melanie Pilar, a Former Bread Factory employee.

Melanie Pilar and Precious Lopez say Bread Factory owner, Sungwon Kim didn’t seem eager to make things right.

“He was like I don’t know why you guys can’t wait until tomorrow, it’s just one day and I explained to him why we should wait when this is money owed to us for the 80+ hours we worked for you guys,” said Precious Lopez, Former Bread Factory manager.

The employees say it took all 8 of them threatening to walk out for Kim and his attorney to show up with cash, but still, they say he tried to short them.

“You don’t want to pocket this one? Put it in your pocket, said a Bread Factory employee.

I’m not taking anything until you give me my full amount”

Lopez who was promoted to manager says she saw red flags.

“He said the rent here was $20,000 and his utilities were $3,000 and because he’s not making enough money it was my job to just fire all his people,” said Lopez.

Kim says the reason the checks bounced is that another manager failed to deposit funds into their company account before leaving the country.

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Kim says Bread Factory will remain closed until he can hire new staff.

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