Entrepreneurs taking a chance on Downtown Arts District

Entrepreneurs taking a chance on Downtown Arts District (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

When was the last time you traveled to South Main and Casino Center? The area known as the Downtown Arts District is experiencing both redevelopment and revival.

From fashion and art to brewers and baristas, entrepreneurs see potential in the making.

"Main Street's becoming a local's part of town, which is pretty amazing," said Chef James Trees. He whips up farm to table Italian fare at Esther's Kitchen. From homemade bread and pastas, to local brews on tap, he says, for him, it's a dream come true.

"I worked for all the big names,” said Trees. “I worked for Gordon Ramsey. I worked for Michael Mina, but I wanted to do my own thing, and kind of do something else for the locals."

Right next door, Makeshift Union offers the feel of an old barber shop, with the quality of an upscale salon. Owner, Larry Reha previously worked on The Strip, and in Summerlin, until he decided to open his own place.

"I think this place is going to blow up just like Fremont East did. You know, it got pretty full over there, and this is where there's room," said Reha.

For now, perhaps, but people are moving in fast.

Just around the corner Vesta Coffee Roasters, a neighborhood favorite, offering the most sophisticated coffee around.

"This area has just become very about the community. Like I mean, I know the people who live in those apartments. I know all the people who work in this area, and it's making downtown somewhere special," said Barista Mae Del Rosario.

Not just about the business they say, but about the vibe. A feeling you won't find anywhere else in town.

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