Local theater program awarded $10,000 grant from NBC

Local school granted.png

NBC partnered up with Education Theatre Foundation to recognize deserving theater programs. They chose 50 schools from around the country.

The only one picked from Nevada was Equipo Academy.

Equipo Academy has only been around for three years, and theater students simply don't have what many traditional high schools take for granted.

They're currently working out of a classroom -- no stage, no curtain. But what they have is determination, and they submitted a video to NBC explaining why they should receive a $10,000 grant.

Today, they found out they won.

“It's a total surprise to me,” said Equipo Academy senior Desiree Romero. “I hear students and schools applying for this, and it's a one in a million chance. I never thought our school would be chosen to do something like this.”

“You probably know the first thing to get cut from schools is theater and arts programs,” said teacher Quincy Young “The fact that I'm at a school that values theater and values the arts is so important, it sets them up for success."

NBC's "Rise" premieres March 13th. It's inspired by a true story -- how a new leader, turns a high school theater program around, and what it means to the community.

Students at Equipo say it sounds exactly like their school.

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