Esports all-stars take over Las Vegas to help charities in need

Esports all-stars take over Las Vegas to help charities in need. (KSNV)

Esports competitors from around the world are gathering on the Las Vegas Strip to duke it out for some pretty big bucks.

They're fitted in jerseys, with announcers watching their every move.

The HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor is hosting the all-stars of the 2018 League of Legends All-Star Event.

"Vegas is one of the towns that is really driving a lot of momentum around cities promoting esports," said Chris Hopper, Riot Games' head of North American esports.

Competition is fierce as players go head-to-head, and the potential to score is big.

"The top players in North American on the competitive circuit are making over $300,000 a year in salaries alone, not even counting prize money," Hopper said. "So a lot of guys here today are making their living on 'League of Legends.' We have over 800 students across the country that are on scholarship."

In tournaments, multi-player video game competitions are organized between teams or individual players.

"It's a great event to have in this town, and I think more people will follow," said Bassem "Bear" Dahdouh, the manager of the esports arena, the first fully dedicated one in Las Vegas.

"They will come here maybe a few days before or after so they can have the Las Vegas experience, but then also have their esports big event experience," said Dahdough. "For us we see that as great for the city, and that makes me happy because ultimately I want to see this city grow, and if esports can help with that, then that's great."

In this weekend's tournament, organizers say the players aren't competing for themselves, but for hundreds of thousands of dollars going to charities of their choice.

For Chopper, it's all about growth, while showing the future is here in Las Vegas.

"I can describe that game for you in a way that will make it sound like you're watching a game of basketball," he said. "It's five positions; they're playing specialized positions. They each have discrete objectives. There's ways to describe their stats. This isn't that different from a lot of the sports that people grew up with."

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