EXCLUSIVE | Reality Star 'Chumlee' first interview since arrest

    Back in the public eye, Chumlee of Pawn Stars has his first interview since his arrest. 6/29/16 (Gerard Ramalho / KSNV)

    Back in his comfort zone at Las Vegas' Gold and Silver Pawn shop, Austin Russell, better known as "Chumlee", is once again doing what he loves, taking pictures, signing autographs, and greeting fans who literally line the building just for a chance to see him in person.

    "From the bottom of my heart I'm so thankful and grateful to have fans," said Russell.

    Speaking exclusively to News 3's Gerard Ramalho, Russell said he is now concentrating on moving forward with his life.

    The Reality TV Star was arrested back in March following a raid at his Las Vegas Home.

    Russell was charged drug and weapons violations.

    "You know we always have to live with the choices we've made," said Russell. "Even more so we have to learn from the choices we make, you know?"

    In his first interview since the arrest, Russell also expressed regret and humility.

    "I'm moving on," said Russell. "I don't want to dwell on the past. You know I'm here and I'm just learning from my mistakes and I'm happy to be in a situation where I can move forward and I can still work every day, just good to be back to normal life doing what I know."

    Part of his transformation he says will be to take a more active role in the charities supported by Pawn Stars.

    "The first company we're going to be working with is the Epilepsy Foundation," said Russell. "It's a charity we've been working with for quite a while."

    Russell also says he'll continue to stay active at the pawn shop and make appearances on the hit reality show.

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