Four killed in small plane crash flying out of Henderson airport


Four people were killed in a small plane crash that took off from the Henderson Executive Airport on Sunday morning.

The plane went down Sunday morning in this mountainous area about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. It was headed to Van Nuys airport.

Jake Hastings confirms that he lost his father, sister, niece and brother and law in the crash. Jake identified the victims were identified as 65-year-old Tom Hastings, 27-year-old Amber Hill (Tom's daughter), 25-year-old Jacob Hill (Amber's husband), and 9-year-old Madison Hastings-Saxelby (Amber's Daughter).

Jake's mother, Joyce, stayed behind at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas during the plane trip.

The family left from Henderson airport at 10 a.m., and Joyce she planned on planning on heading up to Los Angeles separately. Joyce said she panicked when she didn't hear from her family by noon -- and that she first learned about the deadly crash from Google News.

The crash, Joyce said, was her worst nightmare come true.

"I've always feared that someday this would happen and it did today," said Joyce. "He always calls me when he lands, he didn't call so I started to worry. I thought maybe he went to lunch, and so I left messages. All the phones went to voicemail. By 2:00, I was really worried, so the lady sitting next to me looked up Google News and said there was a plane crash, and there was a picture. She zoomed in on it, and I knew it was our plane. It said there were no survivors, and I knew it was right because if there were survivors they would've called me."

The plane, a Cirrus VK-30, was built by Tom from a kit in 1999. It was one of only a handful Cirrus VK-30s still in operation today. Tom reportedly had been flying for 19 years, and he volunteered with the Young Eagle's Program -- which flies thousands of kids in small planes for free -- in order to share his love of flying.

Jake is heading to Las Vegas to pick up Joyce. Tomorrow, the two plan to drive back to California and view the scene of the crash.

A GoFundMe account for the family has been set up to help with funeral expenses. If you'd like to help, click here.

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