Faraday Future breaks ground in North Las Vegas

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It was a momentous occasion for Faraday Future Wednesday.

Governor Brian Sandoval was joined by a host of dignitaries as the electric car company announced its groundbreaking on a 1.6million square foot factory to be built in Apex about 25 miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas.

"We're going to produce the workforce, they're going to provide the curriculum. We're going to put Nevadans to work,m 4500 of them," Governor Sandoval told the audience.

Once the plant is complete, Faraday plans to produce an environmentally friendly, futuristic vehicle affordable to the public.

"It's very big for the Hispanic community, the Latino community," said Peter Guzman, Latin Chamber of Commerce President. "In the number of jobs, jobs created. We're going to be a part of something huge."

The state of Nevada did offer tax breaks to Faraday Future, upwards of $200million, but in return Faraday will offer a $1million per year grant to the Clark County School District.

Faraday says they expect cars to begin rolling out in 2017.

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