Faraday Future’s footprints still visible

Faraday Future’s footprints still visible. (KSNV)

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, an auto industry startup was the unofficial headliner.

Faraday Future promised record-breaking speeds, the newest technology, and autonomy. It wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t conventional.

The company said they were a technology company first and a car company second. The grand unveiling was enough to capture headlines. The company’s promise was enough to capture the minds of Nevada’s state lawmakers.

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In a special session, the state gave them $215 million in tax abatements. The plan was to get them into undeveloped Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas. Faraday would bring jobs and money. Some $10 million of Faraday Future’s money would go into escrow, used by the Southern Nevada Water Authority for plans to put water into the industrial park.

One year after that, CES debuted it seems the flagship did its job. Apex is busy with development. Companies have moved to the Nevada desert.

Faraday’s future was not so bright.

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Not long after their debuted the cash-strapped company canceled Nevada plans.

They fired their Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer, threatening legal action against the latter.

Water is still not at the Apex site. The $10 million spent by Faraday left the state with blueprints, the company with an empty 900 acres that it still owns, but no date for water yet.

News on the site is expected at the Mayor of North Las Vegas’ state of the city address later in January.

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