Fatal hit-and-run crash sparks '1 October' conspiracies

A Las Vegas man, identified by family as Roy McClellan, survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas, only to be killed a few weeks later by a hit-and-run driver on Homestead and Highway 160 in Pahrump. He is survived by his wife, Denise McClellan. (Photo provided)

Conspiracy theories have been swirling on the internet since the '1 October' shooting.

But now, a local man who survived the massacre but died weeks later is a target of those rumors.

Roy McClellan, 52, was killed in a hit-and-run crash Nov. 17 in Pahrump.

His widow, Denise McClellan, says she’s been facing hate and anger online.

Conspiracy theorists claim her husband was killed by the government. She’s not alone. Other victims have faced similar accusations.

“They're sending death threats. I don't understand that,” said McClellan.

McClellan said the accusations are untrue and hurtful.

“I don't understand a person's mind like that,” she continued.

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The couple barely escaped the Route 91 Harvest Festival with their lives.

They were working on separate ends of the concert grounds. He stopped to help people, while she hid with a friend in a metal container.

Nearly seven weeks later, McClellan died in a hit-and-run crash.

Investigators know who the runaway driver is and charges against him are pending.

McClellan admits her husband battled inner demons for years, but he was a strong man with a strong faith in God.

“The way my husband died, it's horrible. Do I believe it was a suicide? No, I don't. I believe it was an accident and they left the scene. That I do believe,” she said.

As McClellan prepares to bury her husband, she knows she may never silence the conspiracy theorists.

“People are instead of coming together as one in a positive way, they're throwing out all these negative comments and hurtful things and when people like us are trying to recover from horrible events, are not allowing us to,” she said.

But if the Route 91 taught McClellan anything, it’s that you can’t let hate win over love.

“I miss him, but I'll see him one day,” she noted.

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