Father of victim shot over parking spot speaks out

Kris Pacada still can't believe his 30-year old son, Shane, is gone

The father of a 30-year old man shot and killed over a parking spot is speaking out.

The gunman is still on the loose. The father of the victim, Kris Pacada, wants that man behind bars.

"Shane was a good boy,” Pacada said. “He was quiet. He worked hard. He just did his thing."

Pacada still can't believe his 30-year old son, Shane, is gone. Shane died Wednesday night after police say he and his best friend got into an argument with a man.

The deadly confrontation happened at the Mosaic Apartments Parking lot off of Sunset and Durango. Pacada tells us the argument was over parking.

"His driveway was blocked, and apparently there was somebody blocking his driveway,” said Pacada. “So he got out he said ‘hey can you move your car?’"

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the situation escalated, and the gunman fired on Shane and his friend. The 30-year-old was shot in the chest, and died at UMC. Shane's friend was wounded in the arm.

Kris Pacada says prior to the encounter with his son, the gunman had been arguing with someone else.

"Apparently the guy in the car was arguing with somebody up a floor,” Pacada said. “It was going on like that before."

Investigators say the suspect took off after the shooting . Police were still at the scene two days later, but have not given a specific description of the gunman or the car he was driving. Pacada says he won't rest until an arrest is made.

"It happens. It shouldn't happen like this,” Pacada said. “You think it would be resolved. When I was young, there were no guns. Hey, you want to go? Let’s go!"

Family and friends tell News 3 they will always remember Shane as a stellar BMX rider. Besides his biking, Pacada says his son was great human being, and the awesome father of his grandchild.

"He was no one to make trouble,” said Pacada. “Very humble."

If you would like to help the Pacada family with funeral expenses, click here.

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