Feeding pigeons in Vegas can now net you a $1000 fine and six months behind bars


A unanimous vote has officially made it illegal to feed the pigeons in public in the City of Las Vegas.

Ward 1 councilwoman Lois Tarkanian sponsored the bill. She said the city received numerous complaints about pigeon problems, and it came down to a health issue. Their droppings, she says, can be toxic and can even carry diseases.

News 3 spoke with a pest control expert who explained that when people feed pigeons, more pigeons will show up and expect food at that location. they flock there, reproduce, and thus create more waste.

Meanwhile, the expert says, that food source disappears, but the pigeons don't necessarily leave. As a result, the street feeders have created a problem for the pigeons.

This may sound like a silly crime -- but there are similar laws in place in Henderson and in Clark County.

It does bring up the question -- how does the city plan on enforcing it?

Well, if you're caught feeding them on the streets, there is a chance you'd be reported to the city.

Violators of the new pigeon law could face fines up to $1,000 and even up to six months behind bars.

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