Filmmakers and celebrities descend on Boulder City for the Dam Short Film Festival

Filmmakers and celebrities descend on Boulder City for the Dam Short Film Festival

It’s the largest film festival in Nevada and its underway right now. More than 100 well-received short films and plenty of premieres are all available at the Boulder Theater in Boulder City.

Filmmakers from all over the world, including some famous faces, appear on-screen in unique short films at the Dam Short Film Festival. There are 133 films.. Most are just 10 to 15 long, but all hope to make an impact.

“You get to experience so many different perspectives and ideas within such a short period of time,” said Tsvetelina Stefanova, the Director of Development for the festival.

The Dam Short Film Festival is in its 15th year and celebrating talents from around the globe, as well as paying homage to Nevada filmmakers and every genre.

Stefanova says the festival features, “Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Music Video, all kinds of different – pretty much anything that you’re in to.”

The Boulder Theater was packed on Friday afternoon, which surprised even seasoned veterans such as "Steve Coulter of Walking Dead and Insidious fame.

“I’ve been to dozens of film festivals and I keep going, it’s packed,” Coulter said.

Coulter co-stars in "The Producer" with his friend, and writer, David Marshall Silverman. Silverman said he was “happy to make the Dam Short Film Festival the world premiere for the film.”

“It’s essentially my reaction as a writer to the MeToo movement,” he added.

The film is just 10 minutes long, but packs a punch.

“They’re dead serious, but it’s also kind of funny,” Coulter said.

Short films such as "The Producer" fill the playbook and the 400-seat auditorium at Boulder Theater, taking the Dam Short Film Festival to the top of more than 7,000 festivals around the country. (source: FilmFreeway).

“There’s nothing like it,” Stefanova said.

Tickets start at $10. For more information visit:

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