First came snow, then came trash: Sledders leave behind mess on Mt. Charleston

    As Mt. Charleston becomes a snowy getaway for valley residents, many are having to contend with the trash of previous visitors. (KSNV)<p>{/p}

    You could hear 4-year-old Benjamin Edwards' screams for joy from Lee Canyon Road as he slid down a snowy hill at Mount Charleston.

    Shelly Edwards said her son sounded like a “screeching maniac” because it was his first time enjoying the snow.

    “Oh, he's loving it. He's having a great time,” she said.

    Yet, Edwards said with one look around the play area it became clear that a lot of other people had been there before her son.

    “Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of people have left behind their trash,” she explained.

    After a day in the snow, some adults and children run back to the warmth of their cars, only to leave behind a big mess.

    News 3 discovered plenty of broken sleds, a sweater and even a dog bed scattered in the snow.

    All of it was trash no one could be bothered to clean up.

    “It's just unfortunate that people feel like they can trash the environment and leave their garbage all around,” noted Edwards.

    The mess wasn’t far from where Greg Billingsley was building a new friend from scratch.

    “First snowman I've ever built,” said Greg Billingsley.

    Billingsley admitted he wasn’t happy with the snowman’s inconsiderate neighbors.

    “Take your trash with you after you leave. It's not that hard,” he explained.

    Edwards couldn’t agree more.

    “Pack it in. Pack it out,” said Edwards.

    She said her son would take memories with him, and leave only sled tracks.

    “We will definitely be back to enjoy ourselves and this beautiful mountain,” said Edwards.

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