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First responders train for a real active shooter at Las Vegas City Hall

Active Shooter Drill (2).jpg
Active Shooter Drill (2).jpg
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It appeared to be a frightening scene outside Las Vegas City Hall Friday morning. The streets were blocked. Police and firefighters rushed in but it was only a drill.

First responders were training, in case they have to deal with a real active shooter. Crews involved didn't know what to expect, they had to react based on training.

Here’s what they knew: Two shooters, a man, and a woman rushed into the lobby of Las Vegas City Hall and opened fire.

An intense, real life training for Southern Nevada Law Enforcement and Fire Departments preparing for the worst.

“Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times,” said Carolyn Levering, Las Vegas Emergency Manager.

Carolyn is in charge of coordinating the drill. Volunteers played the role of victims and deploying officers. As many as 200 people were involved in the drill.

“We have learned some things from events around the country, of the need for us to provide medical as soon as possible,” said Chief Jeff Lytle, North Las Vegas Fire Chief.

From Orlando to San Bernardino and Dallas, are just some of the recent tragic examples to list and nd federal funding is key to these type of training. Last year, Southern Nevada received three million dollars to deal with terrorist threats.

Congresswoman Dina Titus says, it’s not enough.

“Every year we have to go, hat in hand to say we need a little bit more. We need to change the formula so it takes into account not just the population of Las Vegas but all the tourists who come,” said Congresswoman Dina Titus.

As for the scenario, ten people were killed, and ten were wounded before the suspects were fatally shot.

Carolyn Levering says this simulation looked really real, ensuring all agencies are on the same page, should a drill become a reality.

Now, department leaders will take a look at how everyone did and see what or if anything needs to be refined.

Emergency Drill footage

WARNING: Some scenes can be considered intense. (Courtesy City of Las Vegas)

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